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Blocky The Snowman for Sandtastik

Blocky The Snowman

I created this festive winter character for Sandtastik! Take ordinary Styrofoam blocks and make then extraordinary with Sandtastik Rappit Plaster Cloth! The plaster cloth adds weight and texture to the foam making it nice and sturdy, and ColorPlus Air Dry Clay is the perfect material for accenting your snowman with cute hand sculpted facial features!

Visit them online for a full step-by-step project kit!

My Art Box with Sandtastik Clay

My Art Box

Get artsy and organized at the same time! Store your original creations or art supplies in a box that’s as unique as you are! I created this project to highlight Sandtastik‘s wonderful assortment of creative products! Visit their site today to see the full step-by-step project kit! Embellish your box with embossed letters made with Sandtastik’s smooth Premier Light Weight Stone Clay!

Forever Fresh Flower Crown with Sandtastik

Flower crowns are quickly becoming a hot accessory all throughout the year! And they can be customized to suit the different seasons! With Sandtastik’s Flower Drying Art Silica Gel, you can create beautiful flower crowns that stay forever fresh, so you can reuse them year after year! Flower CrownFlower Drying Art Silica Gel preserves flowers in their full blooming glory rather than traditional air-drying which can leave flowers looking withered and flat. Visit Sandtastik online today for the full step-by-step project tutorial!

Sugar Skull Magnets with Santastik’s ColorPlus Clay

Day of the Dead is a hot theme all year round with sugar skulls popping up everywhere! I created these FUN colorful clay magnets with Sandtastik’s ColorPlus Natural AirDry Clay!

Skull MagnetsVisit Sandtastik online today for a full step-by-step project tutorial!

ColorPlus Natural AirDry Clay features all of the wonderful benefits of traditional natural clay, while offering new vibrant colors and even the ability to mix custom colors! Here’s a quick video about Sandtastik’s wonderful new ColorPlus Natural AirDry Clay:

The creative possibilities are endless!

Check out the video tutorial: