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Plaid Fabric Creations Block Printing Stamps and Soft Fabric Inks

Check out the great last minute gift I created with the new Fabric Creations Soft Fabric Ink from Plaid Crafts! To make this t-shirt for a friend’s birthday gift, I incorporated the elephant stamp from Plaid’s exciting NEW line of ethnic inspired Fabric Creations Block Printing Stamps, and I also used the SAME stamp on paper to make a coordinating birthday card!


These stamps from Plaid have a special story behind them. Plaid met these skilled textile artists in India and wanted to help their village by selling their stamps in the US. However, the village could not make the volume by carving all the wooden stamps by hand, so Plaid instead signed a licensing agreement with them to use the artisans’ artwork in this new line of machine made stamps. They look and feel just like the rustic wood originals and are super fun and easy to use! I highly recommend using them, and when you do, you will be helping those wonderful artisans over in India! A crafty win-win for all! Check them out HERE!