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Easy Patchwork Apron with The World’s Favorite Scissors

PrintI recently began work on a series of inspiration projects for Westcott Brand, The World’s Favorite Scissors! Westcott manufactures more scissors than any other brand in the world and their quality is amazing! Many of the models come with a 10 year or limited lifetime warranty!

Apron Primary Image

Click HERE for the full step by step project tutorial for this fun apron and be sure to stay tuned for more great projects to inspire you to slice and dice your way to creative joy!

Dress It Up Button Embellishments Product Review

Attention sewing and crafting enthusiasts! Today I am super excited to tell you all about my latest creative obsession, Dress It up Button Embellishments!

 I saw Dress It Up’s amazingly diverse collection of buttons at the Craft & Hobby Association Mega Show and was instantly hooked! The wide variety of novelty button designs Dress It Up offers is absolutely mind-blowing!

Being a lover of all things miniature, I have a great appreciation for all of the little design details that Dress It Up puts into their colorful and very fun buttons! And the best part is they have a button for every theme and occasion!

 I’ve been doing a lot of Disney machine embroidery projects with Brother Home Sewing and these licensed Dress It Up Disney buttons will add the perfect touch to special projects centered around all of our favorite Disney characters and movies!

 In addition to being the perfect buttons for all your sewing projects, these beautiful buttons make great accents for all kinds of no-sew crafting projects! Clip the loop off of the back of the buttons and glue them onto cards, invitations, paper crafts, ornaments, jewelry, accessories, room decor and more! The possibilities are endless!

I particularly love the Decadence, Destination France and Uncorked buttons! The attention to detail is off the charts and they remind me of that Paris honeymoon my husband keep promising we’ll take! I believe eventually we will take it, and perhaps then I can add these little embellishments to a scrapbook commemorating our trip!

Another wonderful thing about Dress It Up Button Embellishments is that many of the packs are variety packs, so you get lots of options for embellishments and can really have a lot of fun with mixing and matching! I really love these fun hippie and biker theme designs!

Here’s a close up of some of the dragons so you can see the amazing attention to detail that is but into these buttons. The quality is the best I’ve ever seen! Each one is like a mini work of art!

They even have these In Your Own Words customizable buttons! Have fun writing little words and phrases on these buttons to give an extra special customized touch to your projects and handmade gifts!

 Another fun use for these buttons is decoden! Decoden projects are all the rage and Dress It Up Button Embellishments are perfect for taking your decoden projects to the next level! I am currently working on an awesome decoden project featuring many of these Dress It Up Button Embellishments, so stay tuned for an upcoming post on that!

Here’s a close up of the high heeled shoes buttons so you can see the amazing detail. Keep in mind these are just shy of 1″ in size, so the quality of detailed patterns on the shoes is impressive! And I absolutely LOVE their flocked fuzzy button designs! These would be perfect for projects for Mother’s Day, Bachelorette Parties, and your Girlfriends Birthdays!

Winnie the Pooh is a very popular theme and this fun variety pack includes all of your favorite characters! The three dimensional quality really gives them life and the colors are so cheerful and robust! These would be perfect for upcycling plain kids clothes into fabulous customized outfits!

Check out these aquatic characters. They each have so much personality! I could totally see these on a kids bathing suit or as accents on an invitation to a beach party! You could even dress up a plain gift bag or bow to tie into the theme of the party!

Be on the lookout for some very fun and inspiring  project ideas featuring Dress It Up Button Embellishments coming soon! If you are someone who enjoys all things miniature and coordinated theme projects, I highly recommend that you visit Dress It Up’s website to peruse all of the amazing button options that they offer. This is just a small smattering of them, so have fun looking through them all to find the perfect buttons for your next project!

Embroidered Office Folder Video Tutorial with the Brother Innov-Is 990D

I love this new office folder so much that I’m inspired to make a whole bunch in different themes! These would make great gifts for just about anyone and you could even use the built-in Disney embroidery designs that come pre-loaded on the Brother Innovis-990D Combination Sewing & Embroidery Machine to make custom folders for the kids to keep their homework in! The possibilities are endless!

Disclosure of Material Connections:

I am proud to be a Brother International Corporation sponsored blogger presenting truthful and accurate experiences with products provided by the Home Sewing & Embroidery Division of Brother.

Brother Fashion Tip of the Week

I’m pleased to share my Fashion Tip of the Week from the Brother Loves Fashion Campaign! As one could expect, it’s a thrifty tip that focuses on re-purposing!

“If you’ve ever ruined a favorite garment with a permanent stain, try this handy trick! Create a paper pattern by disassembling the garment with a seam ripper and tracing the different pieces onto paper. That way you can recreate new replicas of that favorite garment over and over again! And the best part is – you’ll know the sizing is just right!”

~ Marisa Pawelko

Award Winning Celebrity Crafter

tip of the week 2 copy

I love working with Brother Home Sewing & Machine Embroidery! There is no limit to the creativity that their quality machines inspire!

Disclosure of Material Connections:

I am proud to be a Brother International Corporation sponsored blogger presenting truthful and accurate experiences with products provided by the Home Sewing & Embroidery Division of Brother.