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Take School Projects to the Next Level with Optical Illusion Project Sheets from Modern Surrealist

There is nothing I love more than doing creative school projects with my 10 year old son! I get so into it that I have to guard against the temptation to do too much of the work myself! My absolute favorite material for jazzing up school projects is Optical Illusion Sheets by Modern Surrealist! Slide5

I developed this product line for the educational market and these translucent sheets are perfect for adding pizzazz to report covers, dioramas, art projects, sign boards and more! They come in assorted packs of different colors and patterns, including clear sheets that can be hand colored on to create customized effects!


Here’s a school project I helped him with that shows the migration of early man across the Bering Strip.


The Optical Illusion Project Sheets really make the water come to life!

Here’s another example of a fun project from When Creativity Knocks that shows you how to create a fabulous customized notebook with the Optical Illusion Project Sheets!

Make your project stand out at the science fair by adding eye catching touches! Here we did a study on ocean layers and added little die cut crabs!

Science Project Science Project Close Up

I highly recommend Optical Illusion Project Sheets for taking your next school project to the NEXT LEVEL!!!