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Monogrammed Bling Mini Canvas and Stamped Mini Card with Westcott Brand

Greetings scissor happy friends! Today I am pleased to inspire you with two new projects I designed for Westcott Brand aka The World’s Favorite Scissors!

Mini Card Primary Image

I created this fun mini card with a cute cut out featuring a hand stamped image from JudiKins Stamps! Click HERE for a full step-by-step project tutorial!

Mini Canvas Primary Image

I also created this fun monogrammed mini canvas featuring adhesive rhinestone sheets from The Buckle Boutique, which I cut using one of Westcott’s fabulous LetterCraft stencils! Click HERE for a full step-by-step project tutorial! Stay tuned for more scissor happy inspiration projects coming your way from Modern Surrealist and Westcott Brand!

Monogrammed Necktie for Dad with the Brother PE540D

Hello fellow machine embroidery enthusiasts! Today I am excited to share with you this quick and easy monogrammed necktie project that I created on the Brother PE540D Personal Embroidery System!


This is a great project to make for a man’s gift for Father’s Day or a birthday and can be customized to suit any event or occasion – no pun intended! You could even personalize it with embroidery designs of Dad’s favorite hobbies!


I created this project by embroidering an inexpensive ready madeĀ  tie that I purchased at my local superstore. I began by mounting the tie onto some adhesive tear away stabilizer to hoop it up and get it ready for the monogram!


I made use of one of the elegant built-in embroidery fonts to create the monogram.


I think this project came out really nice, especially considering the short amount of time and money that was spent on it! But let’s keep that part a secret when presenting Dad with this very special customized Father’s Day gift!


If you are interested in taking your monogramming to the next level, I recommend that you also check out Brother’s extensive collection of embroidery software programs. Here’s an example of the things you can do with the one I downloaded, called Macbroidery Embroidery Lettering Software.

macbroidery 4

This software comes with tons or really interesting fonts! Above you can see an example of the same monogram in one of the fonts.

Macbroidery 1

I also played around with trying my name on different garments. You can see how your designs would look in different thread colors on different items such as hats, onesies, aprons, shirts and more!

macbroidery 2

If you’re a Mac user, I encourage you to download a free trial version and to try it out! The software also comes with a whole bunch of borders, accents, embroidery and applique designs!

macbroidery 3

I am excited to play around some more with the software and see what designs I can come up with! And the great thing is, if you happen to not be a computer person, you can easily do this project with any of the built-in fonts and embroidery designs that come pre-loaded on the Brother PE540D! So whether you want to get high-tech or keep things simple, you are sure to have a total blast and make great projects with Brother Machine Embroidery!

Disclosure of Material Connections:

I am proud to be a Brother International Corporation sponsored blogger presenting truthful and accurate experiences with products provided by the Home Sewing & Embroidery Division of Brother.