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Custom ImpressArt Double Doggie Bowl

ImpressArt Dog Bowl Primary Image

This fun and easy customized double pet feeder is the perfect for project to create for your pampered pooches! ImpressArt Metal Stamps allow you to create fabulous custom creations for your fine furry friends! Makes a great gift for Fido’s birthday or welcome home celebration!

What’s Needed:


1) Begin by stamping the dogs’ names onto the stamping blanks. Simply position the blank onto the stamping block with the Stamp Straight Tape and hammer each letter into place. The Soft Strike Pewter material makes it super easy to imprint your pets’ names.


2) Next apply a little bit of black paint to the imprinted letters.


3) While the paint is still wet, immediately wipe it off with a paper towel, leaving paint in the recessed areas. This process helps the names to really stand out.


4) Next you are ready to mark where the holes will go on the bowl to mount these cute little nametags. You can reuse the Stamp Straight Tape to position the nametags in place and mark the holes with a permanent marker.


5) To create the holes, hold a stickpin with pliers and heat the pin with the flame from a lighter. With the hot pin, poke holes through the bowl in the marked areas.


6) Place crystal rivets in each of the holes of the nametags. Carefully apply permanent glue into the holes you made in the bowl and onto the back of the nametags. Position the nametags in place and set aside to dry.


7) Cut strips of adhesive bling with scissors.


8) Apply the strips of adhesive bling to accent the bottom portion of the bowl.


9) Sit back and admire your beautiful customized dog bowl!


10) Fill it up and serve your doggies in style with their very own stylish custom feeder!


*For safety, we advise that you always supervise the use of this bowl by pets that are prone to chewing.

Wearable Flower Garden with ImpressArt Metal Stamps

Today I am excited to share my latest creation from the silversmithing classes I’ve been taking down here In San Miguel de Allende. I created this sterling silver “florero”.


It makes a beautiful accessory when filled with water and used to display flowers. It can be worn as a necklace or displayed in the home or office!


I created this piece with the help of ImpressArt’s Newsprint Lowercase Letter stamps. It features the Oscar Wilde quote, “a flower blossoms for it’s own joy.” It’s a really beautiful and powerful quote open to all sorts of interpretations! sc1316-3mm

I highly recommend ImpressArt for all of your customized metal stamping projects! Visit their site today to view their wide assortment of letter stamps, design stamps, metal stamping tools and accessories!

Bracelets and Magnets Oh My with Impress Art Metal Stamps

So if you’ve been tuning into my journey into the world of silversmithing and metal stamping, you’ve already seen me learn how to make a ring and oogled my mom’s wearable perfume pendants! Now I am excited to show you more of the pieces I’ve been working on…


I created a beautiful silver bracelet with a gunmetal patina that features 3 hand set bezels with CZ stones and the stamped words love, faith & family. I used the Impress Art Newsprint Letter Stamp Set and some of their design stamps as well.


Here you can see me modelling my new creation alongside a trio of beautiful stretch bracelets that I created from a kit by Jolene Star of The Bead Fairy TV. If you’ve never heard of Jolene, I highly recommend that you check out her YouTube Channel for tons of super cool and creative beaded inspiration! I met Jolene at the 2015 Craft & Hobby Association Mega Show and was instantly a mega fan of her beautiful and brightly colored creations!


I think Jolene’s bracelets add a nice touch and accent my hand stamped bangle beautifully! And now for my next creation…


I designed a trio of majestic natural bangles that incorporate a silver scarab, large pearl, herkimer diamond and rough cut amethyst. I love the juxtaposition of the thin silver bangles alongside the large stones. These really remind me of my flower childhood, growing up in Woodstock, NY amidst the healers, psychics and metaphysical enchantments!


I practiced the metal stamping for the love, faith, family bracelet, on a small sheet of brass before stamping into my hand forged bracelet. Then later I cut up the practice sheet to make this adorable set of refrigerator magnets!


As you can clearly see. the journey into the world of silversmithing and metal stamping is beginning to take us into some very inspired and exploratory places! Be sure to tune in next time to see my new geode necklace and mom’s poetic bangles! These creations are not to be missed!

A New Obsession Begins with Impress Art Metal Stamps


I recently became the proud new owner of a fabulous assortment of Impress Art metal stamps! I am pleased to inform you all that this event marks the beginning of a new craft obsession for not only myself, but for my mother as well! First a little back story…


My mother Dulce founded a successful perfume business called Talisman which lives on to this day in the hands of the current owner. She imported the exotic essential oils from Tangiers, Morocco. The oils were featured by numerous high end magazines and in upscale retailers around the globe. Here my sister Christy and I are with our mom on one of our many trips to visit her supplier throughout our childhood. My sister is being held by our gardener/manny Bacali.


Flashback to current times, here we are together at mom’s birthday party last year. Oh and while I’m at it, I’d like to give a shout out to my equally creative and entrepreneurial sister Christy and her business World Fusion Cuisine! Please LIKE Chef Christy on Facebook! Did I mention I come from a very creative family???


But back to the story at hand…

Recently our mom began work on a new brand of perfume called Begum Parfums. I invite you all to show your support and LIKE Begum Parfums on Facebook!

In the quest for the perfect bottle to house her new product she collaborated with a local silver master in his jewelry making workshop, here in our current hometown of San Miguel De Allende, Mexico. She created the first prototype which you can see here with her own two hands. Isn’t it amazing?! It’s not only a functional perfume bottle, but also a doubles as a beautiful wearable pendant!


I was so inspired by her creation, that decided to join the workshop and begin my exciting journey into the world of silversmithing and metal stamping! But first, I had to get my hands on the ultimate gold standard in tools – a set of Metal Stamps from Impress Art! Well, I actually got several sets and predict that my collection will continue to grow as I delve deeper into this inspiring new genre!


Look at all of the wonderful tools we have to work with! Next week I  join the silversmithing class. The teacher Abelardo Gil Perez is extremely excited to incorporate these metal stamps into the curriculum!


We especially love these spiritual designs and have many awesome ideas swirling around our heads for projects using the different letter font stamp sets! Just look at these fabulous fonts!!!


They even include punctuation marks, which I’m sure will appeal to mom’s creative sensibility. Did I mention she is a writer too?


I’ve tried out Impress Art metal stamps at a trade show demo by Margot Potter of DIY Doyenne and The Impatient Crafter, so I know the imprint quality is phenomenal! I am super excited to devote some time to creating my own original pieces with the aid of these superb new tools! My journey into the world of metal stamping is just beginning, so please stay tuned!!!