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Custom Embroidered Office Folder with the Brother Innov-Is 990D

Happy Friday Friends! Today I’m super excited to show you my new project! I just finished creating this fabulous custom embroidered folder featuring brightly colored fabric and a striking lucky koi fish design!


Click HERE to learn about koi symbolism. At first I just thought it would look cool, but apparently this new office accessory is destined to bring me success and good fortune!


I made this project all on the Brother Innov-Is 990D Combination Sewing and Embroidery Machine. The koi design came with the machine on the included Embroidery Design Boutique disk.


I love that this machine come with pre-loaded built in designs as well as 200 additional designs on the disk, so right out of the box, you can begin working with lots of cool embroidery designs, by easily loading them onto your computer via a handy USB.


Of course you could also do this project with any of the amazing designs available to download and purchase from ibroidery.com!


For this design I incorporated some fun new materials and a great tool! The folder gets its stiffness from Fairfield World‘s Stiffen 2, a rigid double sided fusible backing.


I also added handy grommets from Dritz! To punch the holes for the grommets, I used my new favorite tool, the Metal Hole Punch from MD Hobby & Craft. It’s designed to punch through metal, so needless to say, it punched right through all the layers like butter!


I finished off the edges by zig-zag stitching with a bright orange contrasting Coats Dual Duty XP contrasting thread.


I love this new office folder so much that I’m inspired to make a whole bunch in different themes! These would make great gifts for just about anyone and you could even use the built-in Disney embroidery designs that come pre-loaded on the Innovis-990D to make custom folders for the kids to keep their homework in! The possibilities are endless! I am working on a video tutorial for this project coming soon so stay tuned!

Wishing you all a very relaxing and inspired weekend!

Disclosure of Material Connections:

I am proud to be a Brother International Corporation sponsored blogger presenting truthful and accurate experiences with products provided by the Home Sewing & Embroidery Division of Brother.