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Blue Buddha Earrings with Makin’s Clay

Together with my friend and polymer clay master, Ruth Walzer Shine, we created these fun blue Buddha earrings for the Makin’s Clay blog. image4Makin’s Clay is an air dry polymer clay which is perfect for all your crafting needs! And the fact that you don’t have to bake it like traditional polymer clay significantly cuts down on the time it takes to bring your creative ideas to life! A studio “must have” for anyone who enjoys creating mixed media works!

Molded Mini Canvases with AdTech

Greetings fellow crafters and DIY decor enthusiasts! Today I am super excited to inspire you with this fun new project that I designed for AdTech, the geniuses who brought you the original hot glue gun!

Mini Canvasses Primary Image

Did you know that you can make your own custom molds with hot glue? Well that’s just what I did using the AdTech High Temp Project Pro hot glue gun! I replicated some of my favorite charms out of Makins Clay!

Project Pro Websitecoverpage

Visit AdTech’s new blog for a full step-by-step project tutorial to learn how to make these fun custom molded mini canvases at home! And be sure to check back frequently for more hot project inspiration from AdTech, the pioneers who brought you the original hot glue gun!