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Adventures in Silversmithing with Impress Art Metal Stamps

Rolling out silver for a bracelet project!

A while back I told you all about an exciting silversmithing workshop my mom and I have started taking in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Our journey into the world of silversmithing in partnership with Impress Art Metal Stamps continues be a very inspiring and fun experience! I’m happy to share this update on what we’ve been creating!

Testing out the Impress Art Metal Stamps

Here you can see my mom Dulce working on some tests for a really cool bangle trio that I will be sharing with you in a future post!

Dulce hammering

Here’s a sneak preview of some design elements for her pieces. The bangles incorporate lines from a beautiful Spanish poem. She’s also played around with some of the design stamps, in addition to the letters! Check it out!

Stamp Test Piece

Lately Dulce’s focus has been on the development of a line of wearable perfume pendants for her new product line, Begum Parfums! Please show your support and LIKE Begum Parfums on Facebook! Here’s one of her new bottles. This one incorporates a crown motif and aquamarine!

Begum Parfums wearable pendant with crown

I’ve really enjoyed the primal experience of creating original silver jewelry with fire and basic tools. It’s so empowering and the possibilities for creativity are limitless! It feels good to make something of value that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Getting my blow torch on!

I’ve created so many wonderful pieces over the past few weeks. I’ve certainly caught the silversmithing bug! Here’s a picture of the very first piece I created, a silver ring with hearts that says “CREATE”. I wanted to start off simple and enjoy the process of building this new skill.

The beginning of my first silver project

First I rolled out a band of silver from a smelted and formed rod. Then I stamped the letters and hearts. However if you’d like to start off really simple, Impress Art recently introduced these easy DIY Bracelet Blanks!

“Create” ring in process

Then I soldered the bands ends into a circle, formed it into a round circle, filed the edges and polished it. And here I am proudly modelling my first piece of handmade silver jewelry!

Proud moment! I finished my first silver project!

Mom began the workshops much sooner than I did, so her projects are more advanced. Here are pictures of another type of perfume pendant bottle she developed for Begum Parfums which incorporates more precious stones and a dangling hand cut charm!

Pendant Bottle with Domed Cap and Charm for Begum Parfums

The details on her wearable pendant bottles are just stunning!

Pendant Bottles with Domed Caps and Charms for Begum Parfums

And to top it all off, at the end of one of our classes we were greeted by this beautiful rainbow!

Beautiful rainbow over San Miguel de Allende!

The adventure continues, so please stay tuned for more amazing silver projects incorporating Impress Art Metal Stamps coming soon!