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Custom ImpressArt Double Doggie Bowl

ImpressArt Dog Bowl Primary Image

This fun and easy customized double pet feeder is the perfect for project to create for your pampered pooches! ImpressArt Metal Stamps allow you to create fabulous custom creations for your fine furry friends! Makes a great gift for Fido’s birthday or welcome home celebration!

What’s Needed:


1) Begin by stamping the dogs’ names onto the stamping blanks. Simply position the blank onto the stamping block with the Stamp Straight Tape and hammer each letter into place. The Soft Strike Pewter material makes it super easy to imprint your pets’ names.


2) Next apply a little bit of black paint to the imprinted letters.


3) While the paint is still wet, immediately wipe it off with a paper towel, leaving paint in the recessed areas. This process helps the names to really stand out.


4) Next you are ready to mark where the holes will go on the bowl to mount these cute little nametags. You can reuse the Stamp Straight Tape to position the nametags in place and mark the holes with a permanent marker.


5) To create the holes, hold a stickpin with pliers and heat the pin with the flame from a lighter. With the hot pin, poke holes through the bowl in the marked areas.


6) Place crystal rivets in each of the holes of the nametags. Carefully apply permanent glue into the holes you made in the bowl and onto the back of the nametags. Position the nametags in place and set aside to dry.


7) Cut strips of adhesive bling with scissors.


8) Apply the strips of adhesive bling to accent the bottom portion of the bowl.


9) Sit back and admire your beautiful customized dog bowl!


10) Fill it up and serve your doggies in style with their very own stylish custom feeder!


*For safety, we advise that you always supervise the use of this bowl by pets that are prone to chewing.

Mystical Geode and Crystal Multi-Pendant with ImpressArt Metal Stamps

Greetings dear metal stamping enthusiasts! Today I am thrilled to show you one of my latest projects from the silversmithing workshop I’ve been taking down here in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico!


  I’ve been having an absolute blast with ImpressArt Metal Stamps and incorporated several of them into the design of this Mystical Geode and Crystal Multipendant! As you can see I wrapped the little amethyst in some silver that I stamped with a heart stamp that came with the Lollypop Letter stamp set and the Heart Chakra design stamp, and also the Dream Catcher design stamp!


I created a texturized custom capsule to house this surreal shaped geode and also created the entire chain by hand, by forming and soldering each individual link from silver wire.


For the large quartz crystal, I created a silver wrap that I imprinted with the ImpressArt‘s Ganesh, Hand of Miriam and Om design stamps! There’s a lot of good karma symbolism going on in this bohemian style piece!


I’ve been doing a lot of silver jewelry projects lately, but recently I acquired a fabulous stash of Makin’s Clay and I am excited to start incorporating these ImpressArt Metal Stamps into some new mixed media pieces with the clay!


The creativity shows no sign of slowing down, so be sure to continue to stay tuned to the blog! Lots more unique project inspiration coming soon!