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Back to School with AdTech Crafter’s Dot Runner 4 Value Pack

10574384_894962217184981_4751426127308783408_nIt’s that time of year again! Kids are heading back to school and we crafty moms are gearing up for another year of helping our little ones with lots of fun school projects! I’m definitely one of those moms who enjoys these assignments so intensely, that I must restrain myself from doing too much of the project myself! Raise your hand if you can relate! Today I’m excited to tell you about a new product that will come in super handy this year for your kids’ reports, presentations, dioramas and more! AdTech has recently rolled out a fabulous new value pack, which includes FOUR of their amazing Crafter’s Glue Dot Runners!


These glue dot runners have always been my go to adhesive for all my creative paper crafting projects, but they are also IDEAL for conveniently assembling school projects! No more messy sticky twist up paste sticks here! It’s all about the AdTech Crafter’s Dot Runner with adhesive that goes on dry and is easy to apply! Let me tell you about how these handy adhesive applicators will take your kids’ school projects to the next level!


If you’re anything like me, you not only hoard crafting supplies, but you also hoard all of your kids’ adorable little school projects. I can’t bear to throw any of these precious masterpiece mementos away! The AdTech Crafter’s Dot Runner is photo safe and acid free. So the projects your kids create are sure to stand the test of time! Also the adhesive is permanent and bonds instantly! So no more embarrassing moments of projects disintegrating during the class presentation or while hanging on the wall! Your kids’ projects will now be virtually indestructible, because we all know how kids sometimes forget to handle their projects with care!


Each roll contains 8.75 yards of adhesive, so they last a super long time! The adhesive goes on blue so it’s easy for kids to see where they’re applying it! Another really fabulous eco-friendly feature of the AdTech Crafter’s Dot Runner is that they are refillable! The body easily swings open, allowing you to conveniently replace the cassette. Then just snap it closed and continue creating projects with convenience, cleanliness and ease!


The small size is perfect for keeping in a backpack and the handy cap keeps the applicator tidy and secure! You can stock up on the new 4 pack at Walmart, Amazon.com, Hobby Lobby, Joann and Overstock.com. As parents, we like to give our kids the best tools we can to set them up on the path to success! I highly recommend the AdTech Crafter’s Dot Runner 4 Value Pack  for taking your kids’ school projects to the next level!

Announcing a New Partnership with Adhesive Technologies

10574384_894962217184981_4751426127308783408_nI am extremely honored to announce a new partnership with Adhesive Technologies a.k.a. AdTech, the brand that pioneered the invention of the original hot glue gun! To kick off our collaboration, my son Joey and I went and visited AdTech headquarters to meet the team, tour their Made in the USA factory and test out their latest adhesive innovations!


I’ve long been a faithful fan of AdTech hot glue guns and even recommended them by name in my book Crazy Cool Duct Tape Projects, because they are that good! AdTech is constantly striving for perfection and improving their products both in function and form! Take their Designer Series for instance, AdTech was the first to transform the ubiquitous hot glue gun into a coveted fashion accessory! 0507HTZebra

I am excited to work with AdTech’s latest innovation coming out next month, the Hi-Temp Precision PRO which features a sturdy base, ergonomic two finger trigger and a revolutionary precision tip nozzle for detailed work and enhanced application accuracy! 11269509_1080137158667485_5175680849175834941_n

In addition to the absolute best hot glue guns in the industry, AdTech also manufactures a variety of Glue Dot Runners and Tape Runners that come in handy for all sorts of creative projects! I can say with all honesty that their tape runners are the only ones I’ve used that have never once gotten all tangled up inside, no matter how fast or rough I do my crafting!


Along with my new role as brand ambassador for Adhesive Technologies, I will also be inspiring you by living the brand motto, “Make Something Great”! That’s right, each month I will be applying my creativity towards projects to inspire you to pick up your hot glue guns and Make Something Great! We will be exploring a vast array of creative projects in the areas of crafting, home decor, giftware, accessories and more! So be sure to LIKE AdTech on Facebook and click “get notifications” for these fabulous new projects to show up in your feed!