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Stencil1 Nautical Headboard Project

Headboard Primary ImageGreetings DIY enthusiasts! Today I am super excited to share this fun tutorial of a custom headboard that I created with amazingly cool stencils from Stencil1!

 Stencil1 was founded by the brilliant street artist Ed Roth, a pioneer in the new stencil and DIY movement. Ed recently brought Brooklyn to Paris in the first ever Brooklyn Pop Up Shop at Le Bon Marche. In other news Stencil1 was voted the 2015 Product of the Year in Home Design! Check it out!

 “If Martha Stewart and Banksy had a love child, it would be Stencil1.” — Brain Pickings

Deck out your beach house, or simply bring the beach to your house with this fun nautical headboard project! Relax year round in the cool ocean inspired surroundings, complete with whales, octopus, weathered wood and nautical rope detailing. Perfect for dreaming about the deep blue sea!

What’s Needed:


1) I created this embellished headboard using two leftover wooden construction scaffolds. I left the two pieces separate for ease of mounting and also in case they someday would be used for two twin beds. You could also create this same look using scrap plywood, pallets, crates or by simply nailing together some wooden boards.

IMG_17042) Whitewash the wooden headboard pieces with a mixture of white acrylic paint and water. This technique gives the boards a nice bleached, beach, weathered look. IMG_17073) Then you are ready to begin the stenciling process. Choose some acrylic paint in cool shades of grey, green, blue and an unexpected pop of orange. To accent this design I chose the cheerful Whale and Octopus Stencil1 stencils! I love them because they are unisex and appeal to people of all ages! IMG_17104) Tape the stencil in position and get started stenciling the aquatic designs onto the headboard. IMG_17125) Use a stiff stippling brush to carefully apply the intricate designs to your headboard. IMG_17166) Once you are done, lift the stencil up to reveal the beautiful design! IMG_17257) Continue the process of adorning your headboard with beautiful aquatic creatures. IMG_17298) For and extra weathered look, use a dry brush technique to add more depth and dimension to your stenciled images in a contrasting color. IMG_17349) Once your stenciling is complete you are ready to add the nautical rope detailing! Simply staple the rope in a winding curving pattern, to the areas between your stenciled designs. IMG_178310) Once you’ve added the rope, you are ready to mount the headboard to the wall behind your bed!

Here are some pictures of the final product in the room and some close ups of the aquatic details! I absolutely love the way this project came out. The Stencil1 stencils made this project super easy and stylish! Be sure to visit Stencil1 online to shop from their wide assortment of innovative stencils for your next DIY home décor project! The creative possibilities are endless! IMG_1795 IMG_1796 IMG_1799

Embellish Your World with Stencil1

Greetings fellow DIY enthusiasts! Today I am excited to tell you about a fabulous new product from Stencil1, the Brooklyn based street art-inspired brand founded in 2004 by artist, painter, graphic designer and DIY enthusiast Ed Roth. Stencil1 has rolled out a fabulous new collection of Repeat Wallpaper Stencils!


It’s an absolute honor to be included in the kickoff promotional campaign for these ultra cool stencils! And when I say Stencil1 stencils are cool, I mean they are the epitome of cool. Just look what people have to say about them:

“If Martha Stewart and Banksy had a love child, it would be Stencil1.” — Brain Pickings

“I think these are so good I might go sell them on the corner!”– Martha Stewart

Here’s a beautiful video about Stencil1 and founder Ed Roth’s artistic background and his passion for stenciling:

For my project tutorial I selected the Helicopter Repeat stencil and created a multicolored pattern on one of my office walls. These stencils come in so many fun designs and Stencil1 makes it super easy offering tons of tips and tricks on their social media! Here’s how I created my fun helicopter theme wall:

First I selected my paint colors and gathered all the necessary supplies.


These Repeat Wallpaper Stencils make the process super easy with the included registration triangles. You simply trace the triangles with a faint line of watercolor pencil, which can be easily wiped off later.


I used a level to set the location of my first stencil, and from there the included triangular registration marks kept my repeating design level and on track!


I taped the stencil to the wall with painters tape.


Next I dipped a dry stencil specific paintbrush into the paint and dabbed off the excess. Stencil1 also carries all the supplies you need for your stenciling needs! Check out their great supplies HERE.


From there I carefully dabbed over my stencil. The stencils work best on smooth surfaces, however my concrete walls are rather rough. To accommodate for this, I took extra care to hold each section of the stencil against the wall as I painted, and the stenciled image came out great!


The Helicopter Repeat stencil comes with two helicopters, each facing different directions. This design allows for a multitude of creative options. For my design I spaced the stencils out in a checkerboard formation, leaving blank space between each design.


I painted the top and bottom helicopters different colors to give it some variety, but you could also paint them all the same color. You could also flip the stencil back and forth and make a different pattern with the helicopters facing different directions. You could do a perfectly repeating pattern, or go totally random. You could also make the helicopters all the same color except for one, for a pop of contrasting color! There are many different options for customization, depending on how you place the stencil!


I had so much fun creating my Stencil1 wall that I’m excited to get my hands on more and get to work Embellishing My World!


Be sure to pop on over to Stencil1 for tons of project inspiration and ideas on how to easily and economically upgrade your space with their fabulous line of designer stencils!