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Geometric Stained Glass Crown with Modern Surrealist & Abby Davis

Designer Abby Davis created this glorious crown project with the new Modern Surrealist Surfacez Inks! This would make a perfect project for a princess or Frozen theme birthday party!

image image image

Visit the Clearsnap blog online today for a full step by step project tutorial! To shop the entire assortment of Modern Surrealist Surfacez Inks click HERE.

Forever Fresh Flower Crown with Sandtastik

Flower crowns are quickly becoming a hot accessory all throughout the year! And they can be customized to suit the different seasons! With Sandtastik’s Flower Drying Art Silica Gel, you can create beautiful flower crowns that stay forever fresh, so you can reuse them year after year! Flower CrownFlower Drying Art Silica Gel preserves flowers in their full blooming glory rather than traditional air-drying which can leave flowers looking withered and flat. Visit Sandtastik online today for the full step-by-step project tutorial!