Disney Remix Shirt Dress with the Brother Innov-Is 990D

Happy Friday Friends and Fellow Sewing Enthusiasts! Today I’m super excited to share my latest project from my exploration into the world of home sewing and machine embroidery with the Brother Innov-IS 990D Combination Sewing and Embroidery Machine! Check out this fabulous upcycled Disney frock!


I created a fun shirt dress by cutting off the bottom part of a men’s dress shirt and combining it with a sewn and gathered blue polka dot bubble skirt! This project was super easy to do, and I added some fun custom touches to give it a super cute look! For one, I swapped out the original buttons for blue heart shaped buttons. This was my first time using the button sewing feature on the Brother Innov-IS 990D Combination Sewing and Embroidery Machine! At first I avoided this feature because I was afraid that I would do it wrong and break the needle by sewing into the button but much to my delight the process was actually totally fun and easy! I vow that from this day forward I will never hand sew a button on again! Unless of course I find myself in an emergency wardrobe malfunction with out my trusty 990D!


I added a Minnie Mouse “Pocket Pal” detail using one of the built-in embroidery designs that come pre-loaded on the machine. However, instead of following the included color guide with the usual pink or red, I switched up the colors and gave Minnie matching a blue dress and hair bow! I love how this machine comes with built-in Disney designs and allows me to mix it up and create my own different colored versions of these fun classic characters!


To add an element of surprise, I incorporated another one of the built-in designs onto the back of the shirt. For this I embroidered the built-in Minnie Mouse signature design in the large size. I think this detail added a really upscale touch to my beautiful upcycled dress!


The dress I designed also includes a satin ribbon sash that runs through two belt loops on the sides, giving this cute look a really tailored effect. This dress was super easy to create and could be easily customized by changing the color or style of the shirt, the fabric for the skirt, the buttons or by choosing different embroidery designs, either from the built in designs that come pre-loaded on the machine or from any of the many awesome designs available to purchase and download from ibroidery.com! You could also alter the length of the skirt, or even edit the sleeves! There’s so much you can do with this fun dress shirt remix idea, the possibilities for creative fashion are endless! I’m working on a video tutorial to show you how to create this fun project at home, so stay tuned friends!

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