Modern Surrealist Adhesive Rhinestone Sticker Sheets for The Buckle Boutique Blog Hop

Welcome to the Bling Blog Hop featuring the Marisa Pawelko line of rhinestone sticker sheets from The Buckle Boutique!

If you love projects that sparkle, then you are in for a treat!  Today we have a line up of some amazing crafters who will be showing you a variety of project ideas that you can create with The Modern Surrealist Line of Rhinestone Sticker Sheets!

Just like the Classic Color line, these rhinestone sticker sheets can be cut with scissors, a craft knife and a variety of die cutting machines!  This means you can cut these beautiful colors and patterns into any shape you want to create custom embellishments for your projects!
For my project I created an embellished boudoir decor trio in which I cut up one single Sugar Skulls Rhinestone Sticker Sheet to decorate all 3 pieces! A little bit of bling goes a long long way! Check it out! And after you check out MY project, be sure to scroll down to see what ALL the other talented designers did with their Modern Surrealist Rhinestone Sticker Sheets!
Large Boudior Skull Tray with Sugar Skull & Studded Accents
Jewelry Box with Sugar Skull & Studded Accents shown closed
Jewelry Box with Sugar Skull & Studded Accents shown open
Small Boudior Skull Tray with Sugar Skull & Studded Accents

Here’s how I created this stylish and easy project! First I started out by gathering my supplies:


*You could also opt to upcycle an existing box or trays

The first step is to cut out your bling! The Sugar Skull sheet comes with several awesome skulls. Use scissors to cut out the large skull, the 6 medium skulls and the skull repeat pattern portion. Cuts like butter!

IMG_0702 IMG_0704Then you are ready to paint your trays and box. I painted only the bottom and inside of my box matte black. The 2 trays I painted completely. The Painters Pyramids and Veraspin 360 helped make the painting job a breeze!

IMG_0706 IMG_0714 IMG_0712Next I used the Mod Melter (aka my favorite new gadget) to attach little stud “feet” to the bottom of all 3 pieces. It’s so fast and easy! Just squirt and stick! And I love the way the blue Mod Melt Sticks add dimension! Just eyeball to get the feet spaced evenly, no need for math or measuring!

IMG_0716 IMG_0719 IMG_0722 IMG_0724Once you’re done adding the feet, set the trays aside and begin working on embellishing your box lid. I cut a piece of the repeat skull pattern bling to cover the top of the box. Simply peel the plastic backing off of the piece and stick it to the top of the box.

IMG_0728 IMG_0731Then I cut 4 rectangular pieces to cover the sides of the lid.

IMG_0735 IMG_0738 IMG_0740For the back piece I cut out little notches to accommodate the hinge. IMG_0747Then I painted the sides of the box silver.

IMG_0748 IMG_0752 IMG_0749By then I was already starting to play around with the position of the skulls on my trays. I went ahead and peeled the backing off of the large and medium skulls and placed them onto the trays. Did I mention this was super easy! Just peel and stick! No more laborious individual gem setting!

IMG_0756IMG_0757IMG_0758IMG_0761  With the skulls in place, I was ready to add some more studs to the outer edges of the trays. I used the same technique with the Mod Melter and… Voila instant awesomeness!

IMG_0764 IMG_0766I continued this process until the trays were thoroughly studded, and then I added some studs to the side of the jewelry box just for good measure! One can never have too many studs or too much BLING!!! Here’s a pic of how to adhere to studs. Squirt a little dollop of Mod Melt and attach your stud! It’s that easy! IMG_0767 IMG_0768IMG_0769Since the Sugar Skull Rhinestone Sticker Sheet comes with 6 of the medium skulls, I had 3 left over. So naturally I added them to the inside of the box to add a little element of surprise!

IMG_0771 IMG_0774Then to add a bit of luxe flair I cut a square of turquoise zebra recycled felt from Kunin! I glued it to the bottom of the box to add a touch of softness to this otherwise hard core rocker chic jewelry box.  IMG_0776All in all I am quite pleased with the way these turned out. They were fun and easy to make! And the easiest part of the project was embellishing the pieces with the Modern Surrealist for The Buckle Boutique Rhinestone Sticker Sheets! Please be sure to click HERE to order some for your next project! Here are some more glamour shots of the boudior trays for your inspiration! IMG_0805 IMG_0799 IMG_0793 IMG_0790Hop along to all of the other blogs to see even more projects with these amazing rhinestone sticker sheets.  And make sure to stop by The Buckle Boutique to purchase your own rhinestone sticker sheets so you can add some sparkle and bling to your next project!

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