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New Product Alert! Modern Surrealist ColorBox Surfacez Inks!

Very excited to unveil the new Modern Surrealist​ line of Clearsnap Inc.​ ColorBox Surfacez Ink! This versatile and vibrant line of ink is incredibly durable and designed to add color to a variety of different materials including non-porous surfaces such as plastic, glass, ceramic, vinyl and more! We will be demonstrating the line at the 2016 Craft & Hobby Association​ Mega Show! Check them all out HERE!

35013 Paradise-Pink

Paradise Pink

35015 Passion-Purple

Passion Purple


Tiki Teal

35017 Bahama-Blue

Bahama Blue

35018 Gecko-Green

Gecko Green

35019 Charming-Chartreuse

Charming Chartreuse

35020 YOLO-Yellow

Y.O.L.O. Yellow

35021 Beyond-Black

Beyond Black

This fabulous new collection of inks are perfect for stamping and daubing onto all sorts of creative projects! For more information visit Clearsnap online today!


AdTech High Temp Precision PRO Glue Gun Product Review

Greetings fellow glue gun enthusiasts! Today I am super excited to tell you all about one of my favorite new tools, the AdTech Hi-Temp Precision PRO hot glue gun!


Crafters, hold onto your hats, THIS is the glue gun we’ve ALL been waiting for!!! Brought to you by Adhesive Technologies, the pioneers who invented the original hot glue gun, this new model features a handy Precision Nozzle for fine detail!  Gone are the days where you had to break out the liquid glue for fine detail work! This convenient new precision nozzle gets into all those tight and tricky spots so it’s perfect for all your crafting needs!


Another fabulous feature of the Hi-Temp Precision PRO is the sturdy base which allows you to keep the tool upright and ready to go! Plus it features AdTech’s snazzy new logo and a bright green Two-Finger Trigger which allows for optimal application control!


I decided to put this baby to the test by writing out the word “hello” in hot glue, which I then covered in glitter. The effect was awesome! Super easy to do and very clean results! I definitely plan on incorporating this method into some of my hand made cards!


Next I tried my hand at applying some ultra tiny detailed embellishments onto some 2″ clothespins. I used the Hi-Temp Precision PRO to apply tiny daubs of hot glue to the back of some faux pearl trim. Each tiny daub was perfectly placed with the Precision Nozzle and the Two-Finger Trigger allowed me to accurately control the amount of hot glue dispensed!


Loving my pearly little clothespin so much, I decided to create some more and challenge myself to apply some rhinestones individually! Notice the perfectly sized round drop of hot glue ready to accept the next little stone!


Here are my two adorable little embellished mini clothespins, perfect for holding papers or as a quick gift for your friends at the office! The AdTech Hi-Temp Precision PRO hot glue gun made this project super easy, fun and well crafted! I can not recommend this tool enough! The precision and control allows you to conveniently use hot glue on projects where previously hot glue was not an option! It’s an absolute “must have” for serious crafters!


Designed for smooth lines and small dots, the AdTech Hi-Temp Precision PRO hot glue gun is available at retail at Michael’s stores and on Amazon US. And if you happen to be a retailer who would like to carry this new item in your store, you may order it wholesale from Notions Marketing.

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Modern Surrealist featured on MSNBC Show: Your Business

I’m pleased to share this segment from the MSNBC TV program Your Business, sponsored by American Express OPEN.

During the episode my fellow craft industry colleagues and I share our favorite digital tools to help you run your small business.


We filmed the piece at the 2015 Craft & Hobby Association Mega Show, and I thank the CHA for giving me the wonderful opportunity to promote my business on this very informative show!

To get more great tips and tricks to enhance your business, access a wide array of videos targeted specifically towards entrepreneurs in various industries by clicking HERE. Wishing all of my fellow entrepreneurs much success in all your business endeavors!

Modern Surrealist for The Buckle Boutique Bling Featured in Stationary Trends Magazine

Hello fellow bling addicts! I am pleased to announce that the Modern Surrealist licensed collection of Adhesive Rhinestone Sheets for The Buckle Boutique were featured in Stationary Trends Magazine in a section called Show Standouts!

Stationery Trends

The Spring 2015 issue of the magazine is focused on the 2015 National Stationary Show, where our line was chosen as a finalist in the Best New Products competition!

Screenshot 2015-05-27 11.10.32

The magazine includes a picture of the very popular Sugar Skulls Adhesive Rhinestone sheet.


At the show we also launched FULL size 10″ x 20″ sheets of the very popular new Cheetah Rose and Tie Dye Adhesive Rhinestone Sheets.

That’s right Tie Dye bling, so you no longer have to CHOOSE between being a bohemian or a glamor girl, you can have it ALL!!!

Click HERE to shop from our full assortment of fabulous patterned adhesive bling sheets!

Announcing a New Partnership with Adhesive Technologies

10574384_894962217184981_4751426127308783408_nI am extremely honored to announce a new partnership with Adhesive Technologies a.k.a. AdTech, the brand that pioneered the invention of the original hot glue gun! To kick off our collaboration, my son Joey and I went and visited AdTech headquarters to meet the team, tour their Made in the USA factory and test out their latest adhesive innovations!


I’ve long been a faithful fan of AdTech hot glue guns and even recommended them by name in my book Crazy Cool Duct Tape Projects, because they are that good! AdTech is constantly striving for perfection and improving their products both in function and form! Take their Designer Series for instance, AdTech was the first to transform the ubiquitous hot glue gun into a coveted fashion accessory! 0507HTZebra

I am excited to work with AdTech’s latest innovation coming out next month, the Hi-Temp Precision PRO which features a sturdy base, ergonomic two finger trigger and a revolutionary precision tip nozzle for detailed work and enhanced application accuracy! 11269509_1080137158667485_5175680849175834941_n

In addition to the absolute best hot glue guns in the industry, AdTech also manufactures a variety of Glue Dot Runners and Tape Runners that come in handy for all sorts of creative projects! I can say with all honesty that their tape runners are the only ones I’ve used that have never once gotten all tangled up inside, no matter how fast or rough I do my crafting!


Along with my new role as brand ambassador for Adhesive Technologies, I will also be inspiring you by living the brand motto, “Make Something Great”! That’s right, each month I will be applying my creativity towards projects to inspire you to pick up your hot glue guns and Make Something Great! We will be exploring a vast array of creative projects in the areas of crafting, home decor, giftware, accessories and more! So be sure to LIKE AdTech on Facebook and click “get notifications” for these fabulous new projects to show up in your feed!