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AdTech Scented Hot Glue Product Review

 Just when you thought holiday crafting couldn’t get any more exciting, leave it to AdTech Adhesives to roll out what I would have to call the hottest thing since hot glue! Presenting AdTech’s brand new collection of SCENTED HOT GLUESTICKS!!! These aromatic adhesives will fill your craft room with the inviting scents of the holidays as you craft your way through Thanksgiving and Christmas and beyond! These multi-temp glue sticks work with all your AdTech mini glue guns and will have you creating all your new holiday projects in 4D!

220-3810 Scented Gluesticks - all four scents (1)Let me give you the rundown on this revolutionary new product line and the many ways in which it will enhance your overall crafting experience in the days and weeks to come!

AdTech‘s Pumpkin Pie Scented Gluesticks are PERFECT for creating Thanksgiving decor! The delicious aroma of pumpkin pie with a hint of spice lifts your spirits as you craft your way into the holiday season! And the best part? No calories!!!

220-3810 PPIE Mini Scented Pumpkin Pie

AdTech‘s Apple Cinnamon Scented Gluesticks fill your craft room with a warm and fruity aroma, just like grandma’s famous homemade apple pie! This scent makes the perfect addition to all your handmade gift projects and decorations! All of these scents are so rich and inviting, they are sure to fill your home with holiday cheer!

220-3810 MAC Mini Scented Apple Cinnamon

AdTech‘s  Christmas Tree Scented Gluesticks are ideal for adding a realistic pine tree aroma to all your handcrafted ornaments! If you have an artificial tree, it will now smell real! And if you have a real tree, it will smell even better! The scent is bursting with nostalgia and will bring you back to your best childhood memories of finding presents under the tree on Christmas morning! You can also use these to seal presents and add the Christmas Tree scent to holiday cards, embellished stockings and more!220-3810 XMAS Mini Scented Christmas Tree-1

AdTech‘s French Vanilla Scented Gluesticks are fantastic for the holiday season, but be sure to stock up on these because they’ll infuse your craft projects with the sweet aroma of French Vanilla all year long! Perfect for making a quick last minute air freshener gift! Use them for general crafting everyday to keep your studio smelling sweet! 220-3810 VAN Mini Scented French VanillaIn addition to accenting all of your handmade holiday gifts, AdTech‘s new Scented Gluesticks THEMSELVES make the PERFECT gift for the crafty creators in your life! Grab a bag of each of the four scents and tie them together with a ribbon for an instant awesome gift set for the crafter who has it all!

AdTech’s collection of Scented Gluesticks will be available in select Walmart stores starting on November 1st for $2.97 per pack, and soon you’ll find them available on Amazon too! And if you are a retailer and would like to offer these fabulous new gluesticks to your customers, they are available wholesale from Notions Marketing.

AdTech Super Low Temp Cool Tool Kit Product Review

Greetings crafters and hot glue aficionados! Today I am super excited to tell you about a cool new tool that kids and clumsy crafters alike will go totally bonkers for! Introducing the new SUPER Low Temp Corded Cool Tool Kit from Adhesive Technologies!


This new glue gun is designed with safety in mind, therefore making it my top pic for crafting with kids! The Cool Tool heats the glue sticks at a temperature 75 degrees lower than traditional low temp glue guns. The finger friendly CoolGlue sticks that it uses are perfect for all sorts of creative and DIY projects at home, school and for general repairs around the house too! The design of this glue gun leaves only a small portion of the metal nozzle exposed, further minimizing the chance of accidental burns.


The glue is a little hot when it comes out of the gun, so you still want to avoid getting it on your fingers or touching the applicator tip. The recommended age for unsupervised use of the Cool Tool is 12, but many of us moms use glue guns with our younger kids under adult supervision and (until now) with great apprehension!


So next time you even think about doing a hot glue project with your kids, be sure to reach for the Cool Tool from AdTech! After all, we all want to share the joy of crafting with our kids and avoid unnecessary injuries!

The Cool Tool Kit comes with 10 CoolGlue Sticks which are great for bonding all sorts of materials including foam project bricks, as you can see in this architectural model my son has in the works!

Find AdTech’s new Super Low Temp Cool Tool at Michaels and Joann stores and online at!

Back to School with AdTech Crafter’s Dot Runner 4 Value Pack

10574384_894962217184981_4751426127308783408_nIt’s that time of year again! Kids are heading back to school and we crafty moms are gearing up for another year of helping our little ones with lots of fun school projects! I’m definitely one of those moms who enjoys these assignments so intensely, that I must restrain myself from doing too much of the project myself! Raise your hand if you can relate! Today I’m excited to tell you about a new product that will come in super handy this year for your kids’ reports, presentations, dioramas and more! AdTech has recently rolled out a fabulous new value pack, which includes FOUR of their amazing Crafter’s Glue Dot Runners!


These glue dot runners have always been my go to adhesive for all my creative paper crafting projects, but they are also IDEAL for conveniently assembling school projects! No more messy sticky twist up paste sticks here! It’s all about the AdTech Crafter’s Dot Runner with adhesive that goes on dry and is easy to apply! Let me tell you about how these handy adhesive applicators will take your kids’ school projects to the next level!


If you’re anything like me, you not only hoard crafting supplies, but you also hoard all of your kids’ adorable little school projects. I can’t bear to throw any of these precious masterpiece mementos away! The AdTech Crafter’s Dot Runner is photo safe and acid free. So the projects your kids create are sure to stand the test of time! Also the adhesive is permanent and bonds instantly! So no more embarrassing moments of projects disintegrating during the class presentation or while hanging on the wall! Your kids’ projects will now be virtually indestructible, because we all know how kids sometimes forget to handle their projects with care!


Each roll contains 8.75 yards of adhesive, so they last a super long time! The adhesive goes on blue so it’s easy for kids to see where they’re applying it! Another really fabulous eco-friendly feature of the AdTech Crafter’s Dot Runner is that they are refillable! The body easily swings open, allowing you to conveniently replace the cassette. Then just snap it closed and continue creating projects with convenience, cleanliness and ease!


The small size is perfect for keeping in a backpack and the handy cap keeps the applicator tidy and secure! You can stock up on the new 4 pack at Walmart,, Hobby Lobby, Joann and As parents, we like to give our kids the best tools we can to set them up on the path to success! I highly recommend the AdTech Crafter’s Dot Runner 4 Value Pack  for taking your kids’ school projects to the next level!