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NEW Product Alert! Modern Surrealist shapes for Electronic Cutters

I am super excited to announce a brand new collection of shapes I designed for the Sizzix eShape Store! With my limited edition collection of steel rule dies for Sizzix nearing the end of their run, we’ve decided to make all of those shapes available in digital form for use with electronic cutters! And to commemorate the occasion, we’ve rolled out 25 BRAND NEW SHAPES to keep the crafting inspiration going!

Of the new collection we have a complete set of zodiac shapes which are perfect for last minute birthday cards and gifts! We also have hoop and chandelier earrings that you can cut and wear and a super cool three dimensional bow which you can use to embellish all sorts of fun projects! And don’t even get me started on the graffiti font and spray paint can! Insanely cute!

Here are some quick and easy greeting cards I created with the sneaker and unicorn shapes. For these I incorporated some adhesive holographic Duck Tape sheets and exotic paper from the USArtQuest One Pound Bag of Assorted Art Papers.

I’ll admit I used to shy away from electronic cutters, opting instead for the manual steel rule dies. Like a lot of crafters, at first I was intimidated by the technology and thought it would be hard to learn and use. Not so! I’ve been working with the Sizzix eClips2 with Bluetooth technology for the past few days and the transition could not have been easier! I now feel silly for waiting so long to take the leap into digital crafting! If you are like me and want to see just how easy it is to get started, check out this video tutorial:

Now I invite you to hop on over to the Sizzix eShapeStore to check out my entire collection of shapes! There is something there for everyone! And be sure to stay tuned to the blog for MORE cool inspiration projects coming soon!!!

What is Google Chromecast media streaming device.?

Google Chromecast is basically a dongle that is used to fit the TV’s HDMI port. This dongle needs power to work and the device looks similar or can say work similar to that of charging a phone and the cable can be fit into the power socket or the USB port of the TV. The Google Chromecast 2 streaming device can also be set easily on your TV and allows you to have the best time watching it on large screen.

Google Chromecast 2 Media streaming device.!

You can just simply attach the Chromecast and allow you to play photos, videos or music from laptops/tablets/phones on the TV and no wire is needed for it.

Set up Google Chromecast:

Setting up Google Chromecast steaming device is also easy and it does not take much of time. Chromecast Extension All you need is a Google Chromecast, a Google Chromecast Charger cable with standard micro-USB to USB, A WI-FI network with active internet connection, Android or iOS smartphone or tablet, Google cast app for Android or iOS and lastly a TV with one free HDMI port. Now after gathering all of the requirements, you just have to plug the Chromecast with an extra ordinary valuable tool and start the Google Cast app on your phone or tablet

Benefits of using Google Chromecast streaming device:

  • The Chromecast is a valuable tool and you can use it to browse the Netflix on the phone.
  • The users with using the Google Chromecast can browse You Tube, Spuul and other apps supported in India.
  • The photos on the device used to connect with the port can also be featured on the big screen using the Google Photos App and the user can like and add videos, photos and music more from the music supported apps like the Play Music and much more.
  • Using the Chrome browser, the users on their desktop can cast any tab on the entire computer screen on the TV and watch anything.
  • The android games are also supported on the big screen with using the Google Chromecast.

The Google Company has launched the Chromecast in India in the month of April and the streaming dongle is priced @ RS 3,399/- made avaible for purchase online and also in offline stores. The Chromecast 2 is said to be better than the Chromecast 1 and the device is also praised by the techies. Moreover, the Chromecast 2 supports the 801.11/ac Wi-Fi standard and can also be easily connected to 5GHz frequency. The design of the Chromecast 2 is also said to be original and better than the first version which looks like the USB drive. It has the most flexible HD Mi wire that can eb connected with the circular dongle. So if you haven’t got your Google Chromecast device now, but it from any online and offline stores and start using it to enjoy watching your favorite TV shows, movies, music and much more on large screen.

USArtQuest & A Pound of Exotic Art Paper for $8

I’m pleased to announce our affiliate marketing partnership with USArtQuest, your number one source for amazing and exotic fine art supplies!

USArtQuestIn honor of this exciting collaboration, I’ve chosen some great supplies from the site to show you what kinds of awesome projects can be created with supplies from USArtQuest! Check out these fun new creativity inducing items including a whopping ONE POUND bag of assorted exotic art papers for only $8! Variety IS the spice of life!

So check out ALL this spice you get for just $8 bucks!

I’ve already begun working on some unique ethnic style greeting cards with the papers from this fun grab bag! Stay tuned to see some of my creations in the coming weeks ahead! In the meantime, get inspired by hopping on over to USArtQuest to shop from the wide assortment of unique fine art products they offer!