Embellish Your World with Stencil1

Greetings fellow DIY enthusiasts! Today I am excited to tell you about a fabulous new product from Stencil1, the Brooklyn based street art-inspired brand founded in 2004 by artist, painter, graphic designer and DIY enthusiast Ed Roth. Stencil1 has rolled out a fabulous new collection of Repeat Wallpaper Stencils!


It’s an absolute honor to be included in the kickoff promotional campaign for these ultra cool stencils! And when I say Stencil1 stencils are cool, I mean they are the epitome of cool. Just look what people have to say about them:

“If Martha Stewart and Banksy had a love child, it would be Stencil1.” — Brain Pickings

“I think these are so good I might go sell them on the corner!”– Martha Stewart

Here’s a beautiful video about Stencil1 and founder Ed Roth’s artistic background and his passion for stenciling:

For my project tutorial I selected the Helicopter Repeat stencil and created a multicolored pattern on one of my office walls. These stencils come in so many fun designs and Stencil1 makes it super easy offering tons of tips and tricks on their social media! Here’s how I created my fun helicopter theme wall:

First I selected my paint colors and gathered all the necessary supplies.


These Repeat Wallpaper Stencils make the process super easy with the included registration triangles. You simply trace the triangles with a faint line of watercolor pencil, which can be easily wiped off later.


I used a level to set the location of my first stencil, and from there the included triangular registration marks kept my repeating design level and on track!


I taped the stencil to the wall with painters tape.


Next I dipped a dry stencil specific paintbrush into the paint and dabbed off the excess. Stencil1 also carries all the supplies you need for your stenciling needs! Check out their great supplies HERE.


From there I carefully dabbed over my stencil. The stencils work best on smooth surfaces, however my concrete walls are rather rough. To accommodate for this, I took extra care to hold each section of the stencil against the wall as I painted, and the stenciled image came out great!


The Helicopter Repeat stencil comes with two helicopters, each facing different directions. This design allows for a multitude of creative options. For my design I spaced the stencils out in a checkerboard formation, leaving blank space between each design.


I painted the top and bottom helicopters different colors to give it some variety, but you could also paint them all the same color. You could also flip the stencil back and forth and make a different pattern with the helicopters facing different directions. You could do a perfectly repeating pattern, or go totally random. You could also make the helicopters all the same color except for one, for a pop of contrasting color! There are many different options for customization, depending on how you place the stencil!


I had so much fun creating my Stencil1 wall that I’m excited to get my hands on more and get to work Embellishing My World!


Be sure to pop on over to Stencil1 for tons of project inspiration and ideas on how to easily and economically upgrade your space with their fabulous line of designer stencils!

Announcing a New Partnership with Adhesive Technologies

10574384_894962217184981_4751426127308783408_nI am extremely honored to announce a new partnership with Adhesive Technologies a.k.a. AdTech, the brand that pioneered the invention of the original hot glue gun! To kick off our collaboration, my son Joey and I went and visited AdTech headquarters to meet the team, tour their Made in the USA factory and test out their latest adhesive innovations!


I’ve long been a faithful fan of AdTech hot glue guns and even recommended them by name in my book Crazy Cool Duct Tape Projects, because they are that good! AdTech is constantly striving for perfection and improving their products both in function and form! Take their Designer Series for instance, AdTech was the first to transform the ubiquitous hot glue gun into a coveted fashion accessory! 0507HTZebra

I am excited to work with AdTech’s latest innovation coming out next month, the Hi-Temp Precision PRO which features a sturdy base, ergonomic two finger trigger and a revolutionary precision tip nozzle for detailed work and enhanced application accuracy! 11269509_1080137158667485_5175680849175834941_n

In addition to the absolute best hot glue guns in the industry, AdTech also manufactures a variety of Glue Dot Runners and Tape Runners that come in handy for all sorts of creative projects! I can say with all honesty that their tape runners are the only ones I’ve used that have never once gotten all tangled up inside, no matter how fast or rough I do my crafting!


Along with my new role as brand ambassador for Adhesive Technologies, I will also be inspiring you by living the brand motto, “Make Something Great”! That’s right, each month I will be applying my creativity towards projects to inspire you to pick up your hot glue guns and Make Something Great! We will be exploring a vast array of creative projects in the areas of crafting, home decor, giftware, accessories and more! So be sure to LIKE AdTech on Facebook and click “get notifications” for these fabulous new projects to show up in your feed!

Mystical Geode and Crystal Multi-Pendant with ImpressArt Metal Stamps

Greetings dear metal stamping enthusiasts! Today I am thrilled to show you one of my latest projects from the silversmithing workshop I’ve been taking down here in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico!


  I’ve been having an absolute blast with ImpressArt Metal Stamps and incorporated several of them into the design of this Mystical Geode and Crystal Multipendant! As you can see I wrapped the little amethyst in some silver that I stamped with a heart stamp that came with the Lollypop Letter stamp set and the Heart Chakra design stamp, and also the Dream Catcher design stamp!


I created a texturized custom capsule to house this surreal shaped geode and also created the entire chain by hand, by forming and soldering each individual link from silver wire.


For the large quartz crystal, I created a silver wrap that I imprinted with the ImpressArt‘s Ganesh, Hand of Miriam and Om design stamps! There’s a lot of good karma symbolism going on in this bohemian style piece!


I’ve been doing a lot of silver jewelry projects lately, but recently I acquired a fabulous stash of Makin’s Clay and I am excited to start incorporating these ImpressArt Metal Stamps into some new mixed media pieces with the clay!


The creativity shows no sign of slowing down, so be sure to continue to stay tuned to the blog! Lots more unique project inspiration coming soon!

Easy Party Favors with Dress It Up Button Embellishments

Hello fellow crafters and party decor enthusiasts! Today I am super excited to show you these adorable little party favors I created with some ordinary plastic boxes from the craft store and Dress It Up Button Embellishments!


I simply clipped off the loop from the back of these fabulous buttons and adhered them to the boxes with some colored Plaid Mod Melts! Then I filled the boxes with candy! As you can see, I personalized the Mickey Mouse box by spelling my son’s name in letter beads and added some additional beads, gems and pom pom embellishments to the various boxes I’ve created here!


This is a great party decor idea for personalizing the party favors, or even use these little boxes as place markers at the table! I love that Dress It Up Button Embellishments has so many fabulous Disney characters to choose from, in addition to tons and tons of non-licensed designs! So you are sure to find ones that go with your particular party theme! I invite you to check out their fabulous collection of novelty buttons and keep this idea in mind for your next party or event!

Bracelets and Magnets Oh My with Impress Art Metal Stamps

So if you’ve been tuning into my journey into the world of silversmithing and metal stamping, you’ve already seen me learn how to make a ring and oogled my mom’s wearable perfume pendants! Now I am excited to show you more of the pieces I’ve been working on…


I created a beautiful silver bracelet with a gunmetal patina that features 3 hand set bezels with CZ stones and the stamped words love, faith & family. I used the Impress Art Newsprint Letter Stamp Set and some of their design stamps as well.


Here you can see me modelling my new creation alongside a trio of beautiful stretch bracelets that I created from a kit by Jolene Star of The Bead Fairy TV. If you’ve never heard of Jolene, I highly recommend that you check out her YouTube Channel for tons of super cool and creative beaded inspiration! I met Jolene at the 2015 Craft & Hobby Association Mega Show and was instantly a mega fan of her beautiful and brightly colored creations!


I think Jolene’s bracelets add a nice touch and accent my hand stamped bangle beautifully! And now for my next creation…


I designed a trio of majestic natural bangles that incorporate a silver scarab, large pearl, herkimer diamond and rough cut amethyst. I love the juxtaposition of the thin silver bangles alongside the large stones. These really remind me of my flower childhood, growing up in Woodstock, NY amidst the healers, psychics and metaphysical enchantments!


I practiced the metal stamping for the love, faith, family bracelet, on a small sheet of brass before stamping into my hand forged bracelet. Then later I cut up the practice sheet to make this adorable set of refrigerator magnets!


As you can clearly see. the journey into the world of silversmithing and metal stamping is beginning to take us into some very inspired and exploratory places! Be sure to tune in next time to see my new geode necklace and mom’s poetic bangles! These creations are not to be missed!

Modern Surrealist Bling Chosen As Best New Product Finalist in National Stationary Show

NSS_PinkLogoI am super excited to announce that the Marisa Pawelko Modern Surrealist Collection of Adhesive Rhinestone Sticker Sheets for The Buckle Boutique has been selected as a Finalist in the 2015 Best New Product Competition at the National Stationary Show! cobranded logo


At the show, we will be debuting two new additions to the collection based on customer demand! Those include full size 10″ x 20″ sheets of our popular tie dye and cheetah rose patterns!


It’s an absolute honor for our product line to have been selected as a finalist from the over 600 entries submitted!

A great big congrats to all of the finalists who were chosen!

Wishing everyone a very fun and successful show!

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