DIY Cuff for Guys, Magic Bracelet and Bookmark by A Little Craft in Your Day

I am loving this dual purpose project by Tanner Bell of A Little Craft in Your Day! Tanner created an ingenious rugged men’s cuff bracelet that can also be used as a bookmark!

IMG_9748-1024x682He created this fun project using the Checkerboard Overlay and Fashion Cuff shape cutting tools from the Marisa Pawelko Modern Surrealist for Sizzix licensed collection of steel rule dies! Visit Tanner’s blog for a full step-by-step project tutorial! He also created this fabulous video tutorial with his business partner Courtney Chambers showing you how to assemble the Magic Bracelet, another fun shape cutter from the line I designed for Sizzix!

Pajama Pants and School Uniforms with Brother Home Sewing

L1090269  This week I put my Brother Innov-is 990D Combination Sewing and Embroidery machine to really great use! My son Joey is a wonderful kid, but like all kids, he can be forgetful at times.

L1090267I live in fear of him losing his school sweater and jacket as they are expensive and hard to replace. And they can get switched around at school even if you write the kids’ names on the inner label! So I went ahead and embroidered his name on the front of both the jacket and cardigan and I think they came out really great! Look how happy he looks with his own customized uniform!

L1090273Another really fun thing I created this week with my awesome Innov-is 990D machine are two really cool pairs of custom pajama pants! I have been working on a video tutorial to show you how to easily create these for yourself.  I’m so excited for these new creations that wanted to give you guys a little sneak peek at them now! Check out these pants!

L1090255The first pair I created was basically a practice pair that I made to test the pattern. I made them out of some seasonal Day of the Dead stretchy polyester fabric from my local Parisina fabric store. They always have such unique and colorful fabric options!

L1090261I picked up this great print featuring a potpourri of Mexican sugar skulls, papel picado, marigold flowers and yummy pastries and created some seriously funky pajama pants. I love them so much I’ve actually been wearing them out with a tank top and jean jacket. They are super comfortable! The second pair I made out of an extremely comfortable fabric that Joey chose – super soft baby blue fleece – and I am wearing them as we speak! Haven’t worn them out yet but I am tempted to!

L1090274 I used the Innov-is 990D combination sewing and embroidery machine to sew and applique the pants with a cute Tinkerbell design that I downloaded from and loaded onto my machine easily with a USB stick!L1090251 - Version 2There are so many wonderful designs to choose from! Brother is Official Licensee of Disney Embroidery Designs and the only manufacturer to offer embroidery machines with built-in Disney designs as well as downloadable Disney designs on their exclusive embroidery download site, There are so many awesome designs to choose from! You gotta check it out!

NV990D_1_LStay tuned for the video tutorial showing you how to recreate these super cute and comfortable appliqued pajama pants coming soon!

Disclosure of Material Connections:

I am proud to be a Brother International Corporation sponsored blogger presenting truthful and accurate experiences with products provided by the Home Sewing & Embroidery Division of Brother.

Urban Bling Card by Tiffany Johnson

TiffMarisaPawelko1-2I am loving this literally FABULOUS card created by Tiffany Johnson of the stylish iHeartArt blog! The colors, shapes and clever use of aqua Rowlux Illusion Film work so well together! The gold and aqua give it a really modern feel and the adhesive bling from The Buckle Boutique really ups the glam factor of this card! Enjoy this tutorial video on how to create this amazing card with the Fabulous and Big City dies from the Modern Surrealist licensed collection of shape cutting tools or Sizzix!

New Crafty Chica Projects with Brother Home Sewing

Happy Friday Crafty Chicas (and chicos)! Today I am excited to share with you some fun new sewing projects that I created with the Brother Innov-is 990D featuring embellishments from the brand new line of Crafty Chica products! My dear friend Kathy Cano-Murillo, founder of the wildly popular Crafty Chica brand sent me an assortment of her wonderful new products from iLoveToCreate! These products are all so fun! The inspiration was flowing as I created a new custom lunch bag, tank top and tote bag just in time for Dia de los Muertos, also known as Day of the Dead! Here are all of the great items I received!


The item that first caught my attention was the Iron On & Embellish Flocked Transfers. I began by ironing one on to a hot pink tank top. The crafty Chica Tip on the back of the pack was to think outside the t-shirt, but since Day of The Dead is fast approaching and I need something to wear, I went ahead and applied the flocked transfer to the top. Beacuse of the look of the transfer, at first I thought the design would have much wider lines, however I realized that the lines actually end up nice and thin with great detail.

L1090017And afterwards I was left with this nice remnant which I will definitely be saving for another project, perhaps a card or home decor item.

L1090023Once I finished transferring the design onto my top, I decided to add some additional bling! I sewed a satin bow which I stitched directly onto the top with the Brother Innov-is 990D. This way the dimensional embellishment  would stand the test of time and keep it’s shape.

IMG_0110IMG_0111Then I added a studded grill to the teeth, just to give it an added touch of bling!

L1090018I think it came out really cute and am excited to wear it out!

L1090016After I finished the tank top, I decides to bling out a basic lunch bag with some of the iron on appliques. I actually used fabric glue to adhere them since ironing a synthetic lunch bag would not be a good idea. L1090014After I adhered the cute skulls, I decided to really get my inner Crafty Chica on and go to town with the theme by adding some decorative stitching to the lunch bag strap.


L1090013The Brother Innov-is 990D has a variety of built in  decorative stitch patterns including several fonts. With red thread I spelled out the words Crafty Chica and with purple thread I stitched a row of winding flowers!

L1090012After I completed the lunch bag I decided to try out one of the Personalized Mini Tote Kits. I sat through watching a Chronicles of Narnia movie with my son while entertaining myself coloring in the cute skull and hearts. The kit came with 3 Crafty Chica fabric markers and I experimented with some color blending. It was so fun and relaxing! Kind of like doing a low stress activity like a puzzle or coloring book!L1090020

On the back of the package there was another Crafty Chica Tip that I decided to try out, “Line the inside with your own colorful fabric!” So I went ahead and did just that using my amazing Brother Innov-is 990D. But don’t be fooled! This is no ordinary bag liner! I created a special liner that when lifted up has a drawstring, so that if I over stuff the bag, or just want some added security, I can tie the little drawstring at the top!

L1090021I sewed a button hole to run the drawstring through and also embellished the drawstring using one of the built in decorative leaf stitch patterns on the Brother Innov-is 990D, just to add another special custom touch to this very festive mini tote bag!

L1090022I highly recommend the Brother Innov-is 990D for use with the new Crafty Chica product line! They make a great pairing!

L1090025With Day of the Dead just around the corner, I am also really looking forward to trying out the face paint too!

A great big thanks to Crafty Chica for sending me these fun samples to play around and experiment with!

Disclosure of Material Connections:

I am proud to be a Brother International Corporation sponsored blogger presenting truthful and accurate experiences with products provided by the Home Sewing & Embroidery Division of Brother.

Modern Surrealist on Etsy – Your One Stop Shop for Original Handmade Crafty Creations

etsy-logoI am pleased to announce the Grand Opening of the NEW Modern Surrealist Online Shop on Etsy!

Untitled copy

Shop our collection of handmade wares the next time you are looking for a gift for that special someone or just feel like giving yourself a little treat! We have lots of fun one of a kind home decor and accessory items to choose from! We will be adding more new designs for as we gear up for the holidays! So visit the shop to snap up these fabulous original creations before they sell out!